What Clients Like About Catalyst MDC

Video Transcript

Why clients like Catalyst MDC

Bill Roberts, Catalyst MDC: “Our clients like us because we’re business focused. Digital is about business, not just marketing.”

Camilla Cooke, Catalyst MDC:  “Our clients like us because we’re pragmatic. We propose not just what’s possible but what’s sensible and profitable for their business.”

Bill Roberts, Catalyst MDC: “We’re straight talking. We’re honest with clients when we say that digital marketing has got a whole lot cheaper.”


Motion graphic – Falling costs & increased accessibility of good digital execution

“In the early days, slick digital marketing was only available to the top end of town”

“Then, with the proliferation of software & tools,  cool execution became far more commoditised and accessible”

“Until even the really small guys could do amazing things & look incredibly professional”

“Now everyone has access to brilliant execution if they want it – it’s no longer a differentiator.”

“What makes you really stand out is not the quality of your digital execution, but the quality of your digital thinking.”


What makes good digital strategy and good digital marketing

Camilla Cooke, Catalyst MDC:  “Good digital strategy is comprehensive. Digital isn’t siloed – the strategy needs to take in the whole ecosystem – that’s when it becomes really effective.”

Bill Roberts, Catalyst MDC: “Good digital marketing is about “always on” – not campaigns – they’re just one small part. Digital never sleeps.”

Camilla Cooke, Catalyst MDC: “It’s less of an art and more of a science. It’s more and more data driven.”


Motion graphics – Digital marketing is data driven

“To begin with, we just had transactional data driving rudimentary segmentation or targeting via a limited number of channels”

“Then the available data expanded to profile, interests, behavioural and of course people’s connections or social data”

“And now the number of channels we can use for targeted messaging has extended significantly.”

“And what’s really exciting is that the potential of that messaging has now exploded out into networks of people – this is really powerful.”

“In fact, data in digital marketing is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s critical.”


Digital marketing needs attention to detail and the right team

Bill Roberts, Catalyst MDC: “Even if you’ve got a great strategy, you still need brilliant execution.”

Camilla Cooke, Catalyst MDC: “A lot of good execution is hidden from view – it’s often not the great copy or the sexy video, but the grommetty stuff in the background that gets you page one ranking on google, higher conversion rates – that delivers the return on investment. It’s the detail that counts.”

Bill Roberts, Catalyst MDC: “Even if you’ve got a great strategy, brilliant execution, you will fail without the right team.”
Camilla Cooke, Catalyst MDC: ”We coach and train the client’s team, to make sure they’ve got the know how, the right processes in place, or we manage the digital marketing ourselves. Either way, we get it going, we make it happen.”



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