Digital Marketing Training Catalystmdc

Digital marketing training and ongoing support

For clients looking to upskill their staff in digital marketing so as to establish internal best practice, with less dependence on external support, we offer individual and group training sessions. We also provide online and telephone help in the early phases of implementation.

  • One on one training

    Where staff are learning new ongoing tasks or roles, such as managing search engine marketing or community management, we come in and train them in situ on the task in hand, showing them specific techniques and tips, working through tasks with them in real time, and teaching them how to use new software or tools. We also leave process checklists with them, with links to further information. We find it is far more effective, and faster, to learn ‘on the job’ like this than theoretically.

  • Group training sessions

    We also conduct group training sessions where requested. This can be valuable when a larger number of people are involved in handling an area. For example, handling customer queries or complaints via social media. This can span community management, customer care, individual product areas, and PR. We run sessions where we take all relevant staff through the defined processes for handling, responding, escalation and crisis management.

  • Telephone or online support

    We frequently factor in the need for clients to call us as they start to bed in new ongoing activities and processes. Faced with the day to day reality of using new software and completing new tasks, it is easy to forget how to do something or to come across unfamiliar scenarios. We provide help by phone, email and messaging, and sometimes retain our own logins for the early stages, so that we can be more of a hands on help.