• Flexible working hours and work from home
    • Monetise existing skills
    • Opportunity to increase skillset (highly marketable content and digital skills) on the job
    • Best practice advice/support in first month
    • Part of vibrant and fun team, growing company
    • Opportunity to work with Catalyst MDC on other clients as well if desired



A successful catering and events business are looking to hire a digital man/woman Friday to run their digital presence. The role is part time (starting at 8 hours per week – could go up after a month’s review, unlikely to go down) and they are looking for a freelancer who will nevertheless become an integral part of the team.


The business is thriving and includes a lot of weddings. They have a strong brand, built from the owner, and they are passionate about their brand and everything they do. They run a radio show once a week on 2GB which has a great following (thousands of podcast downloads) and they are keen to get maximum value out of this content that they create to build their own digital audience and presence. They had a writer who wrote their blog in the past, but it didn’t really go anywhere, and they have built up a considerable following on facebook and particularly instagram. However, due to their success, the husband and wife owners don’t have time to manage/curate/generate digital content or run social channels, but they know that they should (there are few barriers to entry in their industry and they know that whilst they are on top now, this could change quickly). They are about to rebuild their website to integrate their blog; it will be built on wordpress and well set up.


The objectives and responsibility of the freelancer’s role is to:

  • turn the weekly radio programme into a rich blog and other content
  • create & deploy that content in a way that improves google visibility against key terms (keywords)
  • maintain the website and update
  • create incremental content such as video and manage the process
  • develop social channels so they represent best practice to deliver more following and engagement
  • grow social media following with the right audience
  • develop online relationships with key industry influencers (creating additional media opportunities eg: guest blogging/writing on major sites)
  • do all of this whilst maintaining & building the core of the brand


The core tasks would be:

  • turn weekly 2GB show into blog (appropriate length/keywords/outbound links/ illustratory graphic)
  • follow up to get any video/photo from show
  • upload/link to 2GB podcast from website
  • create transcript of podcast (nb: use service – low cost) and create page with transcript (to boost google visibility)
  • create several graphics /points to promote/deploy blog content for facebook/instagram
  • manage social content calendar for posts thru week – posting twice daily – including third party content
  • be across radio programme plans/guests/seasonality to manage social/web content calendar
  • set up create/manage emails to subscribers/customer base
  • edit any video that’s produced and promote on site, fb & insty, you tube
  • set up/manage any digital advertising (nb: not major but might include boosted facebook posts – possibly extending to google adwords in the guture)


The candidate would need to have experience in some or all of the following:

  • writing lifestyle type blogs
  • social media management and growing audiences on facebook and instagram
  • writing SEO friendly copy
  • sourcing and cutting graphics
  • creating content for and updating a wordpress site
  • video shooting and editing, managing audio content.

They would also need to have an active interest in the food and events industry and related topics, and be able to share some of the passion of the company. They need to have design sensibility and taste, and be able/happy to understand and help develop content for a defined brand look, feel and tone.



There is no ideal candidate. However, things to bear in mind:

  • they do not need to have all the above skills, but where they aren’t able to do things, they should be willing and eager to learn
  • they might already have their own blog and are keen to leverage their experience to earn money
  • they might have previously worked in digital marketing in some capacity but be seeking freelance work
  • they would enjoy being part of the team and helping grow this small but great company
  • they are happy to work from home but also come in for meetings occasionally (Surry Hills)
  • they relish the opportunity to grow their skills and experience whilst working for this company and are happy to self-teach using online resources



  • This is a freelance role with estimated hours of 8 hours per week to begin with
  • These would be worked from home and would need to be flexible
  • The candidate would report directly into the MDs of the company in question and work with them
  • They would need to maintain and submit weekly timesheets to Catalyst MDC and payment would be processed by Catalyst MDC fortnightly
  • The candidate should have their own ABN and will be responsible for their own tax and super
  • The hourly rate they quote should therefore be enough to cover their super
  • The candidate would submit a tax invoice fortnightly to Catalyst MDC
  • If the candidate thinks they will go over time on hours, they should get permission from the company in question prior to going over
  • 8 hours per week would be reviewed after a month to see if it is sufficient to cover specific tasks (nb: candidate may get faster with time, however role could also increase and initial hours estimate may be too low)
  • The candidate would provide their own pc and relevant software (eg: ability to cut graphics and edit video – latter could just be imovie for example)
  • The candidate would receive some training and support from Catalyst MDC to build skills in areas where they have none/are weaker (see below).



In addition to the initial job description and verbal briefing, Catalyst MDC would provide access to best practice documentation for areas where the freelancer needs guidance. This could include:

    • social media channel set up, posting, management, optimisation, advertising, reporting and risk management
    • social media optimisation of websites
    • influencer outreach (including influencer identification and use of Twitter)
    • blog writing  best practice and search engine optimisation
    • content planning, curation, repurposing and generation
    • video best practice (including search engine optimisation, maximising visibility via you tube)
    • SEO for wordpress sites
    • Setting up Google Analytics and reporting
    • managing website user data
    • email/newsletter best practice

In addition to the documentation, they would have unlimited phone support from Catalyst MDC for the first 4 weeks. We have a 1300 number which diverts to the first available person.



    • Flexible working hours and work from home
    • Monetise existing skills
    • Opportunity to increase skillset (highly marketable content and digital skills) on the job
    • Best practice advice/support in first month
    • Part of vibrant and fun team, growing company
    • Opportunity to work with Catalyst MDC on other clients as well if desired



Interested candidates should supply their CV (including references) and hourly rate plus any other relevant background material. A phone or face-to-face interview with Catalyst MDC would then take place with shortlisted candidates, followed by an interview with the client. Ideally the role would begin at the beginning of February, although there is some flexibility.