Students Earn $30+ per hour, flexible hours, from home

And learn digital marketing

Catalyst MDC is a digital strategy & marketing agency looking to expand its freelance resource. You don’t have to know anything about digital marketing, but you need to be willing to learn – attitude is everything. You might not be interested in digital marketing as a career, but the skills you will learn on the job could be relevant in many areas, from starting your own company to working in finance, not for profit, media & communications, journalism, film-making, property, government, management consulting, design or advertising etc. And besides; you’ll earn a good rate in a way that fits in with your study and social life.

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What we’re offering

          • Range of activities: we need people to work across social media advertising & community management, digital advertising (including google adwords), design, website development, writing blogs or copy, video shooting & editing, analytics & research, so you can try your hand at a variety of things if you are interested.
          • Relevance to your area of study or interests: we have clients from industries including not for profit, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, finance, retail, travel and property and wherever possible we align the worker to their preferred field, so that they can learn more about the industry they are considering as they go.
          • Building your CV:  if you work in your given area, the activity is often very relevant work experience that you can add to your CV to increase your chances of selection for positions in that industry.
          • Opportunity to learn valuable skills: we do not expect people to have skills before they start (although if they do, we will offer them a higher rate – see below) but rather we help them to learn on the job – these are then assets that you can continue to use to earn moving forward.
          • Help with setting up as a freelancer: if you’re not set up as a freelancer, we will advise you on setting up as one – you will then be set up for any other freelance work as well.
          • Flexible hours at good rates: for the initial project (assuming you do not have skills – see below) we pay $20 per hour. If the project works out well, we raise that to $35 per hour for subsequent projects (and higher dependent on levels of skill – see below). The work is digital so can be done at home and to fit in with your schedule.

What we’re after

          • Students: we are targeting students at university because a) they are often looking for freelance work b) they are keen to improve their CV c) undergraduates are often bright and motivated!
          • Sharp minds: we are looking for people who are quick (and willing) to pick things up and apply themselves to new areas and tasks.
          • Initiative: we are interested in those that, within a clear brief, will self-teach in order to work something out, and look for solutions when they meet obstacles.
          • Straight talking:  if you run into problems, delays or need further advice whilst working with us, we need you to communicate with us right away – picking up the phone is often the best thing to do.
          • Hard work: we are looking for people who go the extra mile, take pride in their work and seek to do a great job.
          • Efficiency & attention to detail: these are both very important in digital marketing, so the ability to follow briefs precisely, record things carefully and work precisely but swiftly are critical.

More skills, higher rates

If you already have some skills, or advanced skills, in key areas, such as video editing and production, website development or graphic design, then we will pay higher rates – up to $70 per hour.

What others have said

Watch the video below to hear from students already working for Catalyst MDC.


What to do next

If you’re interested in working with us, complete and submit the form below. The work we have is project based, so we cannot guarantee a time frame. When a relevant project comes up, we’ll contact you, find out if you have capacity, and arrange a meeting where we can get to know you further and explain the task in hand in detail.

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