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Digital marketing recruitment

Clients sometimes decide that rather than just up-skilling existing staff, they need to hire a digital specialist or add to the number of digital marketers on staff to match the resource requirement. Digital specialists are rare and in demand. Also, good digital marketing is partly a mindset; it requires an appetite for detail, a high level of comfort with technology, an adaptability and propensity to research and self-teach. They don’t need all the skills, as long as they’ve got the right attitude. We provide a service finding quality talent to fill digital roles.  You may need to hire for a full time employee position or only need a part time  on a freelance contract  basis, we can help you with both.

  • Defining the role

    We identify the role required and define and agree the job description with the client, listing the specific skillsets, general aptitudes and level of experience required, the responsibilities, and making a realistic estimate of typical salary.

  • Sourcing candidates

    We then source potential candidates, assess each and create a shortlist for client review. We manage the interview process, and work with the clients to make the appropriate job offer.

  • Negotiation

    We then manage the negotiation process with the first choice candidates, to help finalise a contract agreeable to both parties.

  • Labour Hire

    Where the requirement or  role is not  full time hiring your contractors and freelancers  from CatalystMDC simplifies  the process with the sourcing, screening and billing handled by us.