Digital Marketing Processes and Tool Kits Catalyst MDC

Digital marketing processes and toolkits

Digital marketing can be highly automated and efficient, but clients need to put the correct processes and tools in place to deliver efficiency and limit resource required. We have developed a set of processes, guidelines and documentation over time that we can provide to or adapt for clients to help them fast track. This can help make them faster and more effective, but also ensures continuity of digital standards ongoing, as well as helping to de-risk digital marketing overall.

  • Social media guidelines

    We write social media guidelines for clients which define in detail how their social media channels should be managed, including scenario definitions and rankings, general response/interaction handling, positive response/interaction handling, negative response/interaction handling, escalation procedures, standards of maintenance, language, profile settings etc. They also extend to crisis management, which defines the digital process for handling any PR crisis (black pages, emergency SEM campaigns, social media commentary, rapid response content etc) and can be extended to cover staff responsibilities in social media.

  • Community management

    Whilst some of the responsibilities and processes for community managers are covered in the social media guidelines, we also provide standalone checklists and guidelines for community management, which detail more best practice for post writing, frequency and timing of posts, integration with the content strategy, weekly post planning, the preparation and use of graphics and video in social media, social media advertising, branding and general engagement-driving techniques, use of tools and evaluation and optimisation. All of this with links to other authorities and further information.

  • Search engine marketing

    Where clients want to handle search engine marketing in house, we provide documentation about taxonomies for campaign and adgroup naming, increasing landing page authority, keyword addition and keyword list growth, specific campaigns, geo-targeting, generating new creative and ongoing evaluation and optimisation, together with recommendations on the various tools to help with these processes.

  • Account maintenance

    Clients often end up with multiple digital accounts, across tools, online user databases, websites, online services, profiles, domain names etc. which can often get tangled up with staff members’ personal digital accounts. We provide a simple set of guidelines as to how to set up, record and manage the logins, access and accounting across all digital accounts. This can significantly increase efficiency and reduce security and other risks, such as data protection and key-man dependence.

  • Tools and software

    The massive proliferation of online tools and software has radically increased the potential for automation and accelerated process in digital marketing. We use them all them time ourselves, and therefore often provide lists of recommended tools to clients who are looking to manage key tasks in house. This area is constantly changing, and we can also provide updates periodically.

  • Reporting

    We often set up and manage digital analytics on behalf of clients, but we also provide guidance and practical help for those running reporting internally. We produce a measurement framework as part of the initial digital strategy, but also more detailed measurement and reporting documents, which we use to set up analytics ourselves or can be handed over as a step by step guide to clients for use in house.