Digital marketing support

In our experience, even when digital marketing is well thought through, and initially well executed, it can often lose its way, where there is insufficient momentum, resource or know-how in the organisation to sustain it properly, and early investment can be wasted. We have therefore developed support services aimed at getting clients not just off to a good start, but in a position to maintain and build good digital marketing practice internally.

Whilst staff digital skillsets might be strong in some areas, we offer in-house training to specific staff members who are taking on a new digital task for the first time (for example, search engine marketing maintenance and optimsation) or broader training sessions for more staff if there is a more integrated effort required, such as the co-ordination between social media community management, customer care and PR.

We also provide telephone and online support in the early phases; training is very useful but there is nothing like being able to telephone and ask for clarifications, reminders or troubleshooting.

The key to efficient digital marketing is good process, and one of the support services we offer is the provision of standard and or bespoke process documents, based on what we have developed over time for ourselves. A series of checklists, workflow and process definitions which allow clients’ teams to become more efficient much more quickly, and provide confidence in areas of higher risk, such as security or PR. This documentation also reduces key man dependence, as activities are standardised and not just in the minds of individual staff members who can then leave.

We also provide a list of recommended tools for ongoing digital marketing management; these will vary according to the client’s activity, but are usually low or no cost cloud based service software that is aimed at increasing automation and speeding up digital processes.

In some cases, the strategic process highlights that the client needs to hire additional resource, either temporarily or permanently, and this becomes an opportunity to inject new digital expertise into the team. However, finding and vetting digital ‘experts’ can be problematic, as there are few of them and they can be hard to assess. We therefore offer a recruitment service whereby we recommend and agree a job description with the client, and then source and review potential candidates, before supplying a shortlist for interview.