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Digital marketing implementation planning

More and more we find that the true value of our digital strategies is not just the thinking, but the implementation plans that we deliver. These prioritised action plans work as a toolbox providing a clear calendar of activities for the client to follow. They are the key to making really good digital marketing happen.

  • Phasing and roadmap

    We define broad phases and workstreams of digital activity, beginning with ‘quick wins’, and map these phases over time to give the client a clear direction on core priorities and sensible timescales in which to achieve them, based on a realistic assessment of budget and resource.

  • Prioritisation matrix

    We pull all the recommendations, from quick wins to big strategic imperatives, together into a matrix and rank each according to ease, speed, cost/resource estimate and potential value. We then work through this list with the client and recategorise as appropriate, also identifying responsibility for each item and whether it is to be actioned internally or by a third party. This process delivers a master list of activities,  prioritised against business value.

  • Costs & Resources

    We estimate the costs of each phase  and activity, and the resources required to complete, both internal and external. We recommend what the clients should take on internally, and what they should contract out, according to what is realistic and sensible (for example, if a task is complex but one-off, it is not worth training internal staff to deliver it but more practical to give it to an expert). At this stage, we also recommend any key hires or increase of internal resource allocation.

  • Measurement framework

    The measurement framework projects the results of the activity, based on historic or industry benchmarks, or prescribes a period for benchmark setting; these become the targets for the activity. It also redefines the objectives, the metrics related to those objectives, and outlines the data sources, tracking and reporting requirements to deliver ongoing evaluation against targets.

  • Tools and processes

    As part of the implementation plan, we also make recommendations on specific software tools that the client should deploy to increase efficiency, and the set of internal workflows and that will need to be defined for the internal team to be effective, from checklists and cheatsheets through to fully automated processes.