digital brand strategy catalystmdc

Branding for digital

A major consideration for any brand is how well it lends itself to the digital context. We make recommendations on how best to leverage a brand in digital channels, practical adaptations that can be made, specifically digital brand experiences and opportunities, and in the case of re-branding or new brands, how to build a brand with a ‘digital first’ mindset.

  • Digital brand ambassadors

    Brand ambassadors in digital channels are not confined to those that have been assigned the role, but by default include staff and particularly senior management. We look at the digital presence and reputation of senior people and how these can be enhanced to better reflect the nature and credibility of the brand.

  • Domain name strategy

    Deciding on and managing domain names, as well as competitive domain name issues, can be quite hard, and we advise clients on an approach based on their current situation but taking a long term view, as well as considering usability issues and visibility (ie: SEO or search engine rankings).

  • Brand guideline adaptations

    Historic brand identities have often been created without digital user experience in mind, meaning taglines that are too long, or visual logos that don’t fit the square profile pictures required, or when reduced are not visible in mobile. We suggest basic amends to the current brand id to ensure it ‘works’ digitally, and adaptations to guidelines to accommodate new versions, contexts and assets such as icons.

  • Rebranding/ new brands

    Where there is an opportunity to rebrand, or we are dealing with a new brand altogether, we can start from the ground up in terms of optimum name, visual ID, websafe colours, skyfonts, icons etc. which can contribute significantly to the launch/relaunch of a brand, and save a considerable amount of resource and heartache down the track.