Developing digital and marcomms strategies

Too often, digital activity has been confined to a series of tactics, instead of a calculated plan tied firmly to business growth; however shiny your execution, it will not deliver unless the thinking is thorough. First and foremost, therefore, we prioritise developing a strategy that defines the approach, provides a roadmap and projects the outcomes.

We know that a good digital strategy is more than the sum of its parts; it is not so much how digital activities work but how they work in concert that makes the difference. Therefore, we recommend a holistic view of all channels and activities.

However, that is not to say that we don’t deep dive on key areas like content strategy, social media strategy, contact, CRM or retention strategy where required.

Equally, digital marketing itself of course doesn’t operate in isolation, and our recommendations often extend into a broader marcomms strategy – prioritising the right channels based on business objectives.

For an increasing number of clients, the balance of marketing resource is shifting to digital, and for these a ‘digital first’ approach works well. This also applies to branding in digital, and we look at branding and rebranding in the context of gaining digital advantage.

However, many clients are not looking for a full-blown digital strategy, but ‘strategy lite’, and for these we conduct quick digital audits to identify core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and quick wins.

For all our clients, however, we find that one of the most useful components of the strategies we develop is the implementation planning; a framework and toolkit for how to take the good thinking, and actually make it happen.