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Website development and optimisation

Getting the website right is digital marketing 101. We make optimisation recommendations and also build small to medium responsive websites for clients following best practice in user experience (UX). We also build and optimise landing pages, and focus particularly on conversion optimisation; sometimes the basics or simple tweaks or minor adjustments can be a huge lever to drive performance.

  • Website build

    Where clients need a new website, we focus on getting it right from day one. This includes making it responsive and working on all the basic settings, but also security; being hacked can be very serious and costly for any organisation, and this area is neglected surprisingly often. We keep costs low by using templates and recommend technology that will keep costs low ongoing, avoid headaches and that integrates with clients’ current platforms. We also advise clients on the entire technical ‘stack’ where required.

  • Conversion and other optimisation

    For existing websites, we do a basic audit, identify opportunities and make recommendations for improved performance and settings. We also analyse current conversion paths to key goals (lead generation, purchase etc), identify ways to increase conversion rates, and set up tests and analysis to find the optimum solution; in some cases, this can double the yield on a website, ensuring a bigger bang for the advertising buck spent driving traffic.

  • User experience

    A core part of any website build or optimisation is good user experience (UX). It is a given that the website needs to be responsive (work on mobile and tablet automatically) but we look at the overall user paths and navigation to ensure they are intuitive, easy, well sign-posted and with minimal steps/obstacles to goals, for all devices, and as part of this adhere to standards or common taxonomies or iconography. We often use website analytics on existing sites to identify the key areas for improvement, and identify any subsequent uplifts.

  • Landing pages

    Landing pages are often central to the success any digital advertising campaign as well as ongoing for search engine marketing (SEM), and we also design or optimise certain permanent pages, based on the fact that they may well be first point of arrival, and need to be relevant and clear. Given the potential costs of proliferating pages, we develop the best templated solution within a client’s existing infrastructure, or recommend third party tools for a proof of concept phase or ongoing where appropriate.