Social Media Marketing Catalyst MDC

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is now diverse, spanning not only multiple social channels, but also paid, earned and owned categories, and requires distinct skill sets and processes. We develop social media strategies and also provide implementation services for clients who do not have the necessary internal resource, including digital channel set up, community management, content marketing integration, social media advertising, influencer outreach or digital PR, social CRM, and risk and crisis management.

  • Community management

    Good community management is on brand,  vigilant, responsive and highly adaptive. We are skilled at posting and responding across all the main social channels, synchronising with the content strategy and plan, integrating paid advertising when relevant, and optimising around topics or formats to drive engagement/edgerank. We establish specific protocols and communication lines for our managers working on behalf of our clients.

  • Social media advertising

    Advertising is a reality for most social media strategies, and we are experienced at campaign set up, optimisation and evaluation, including google analytics integration. Paid advertising in social now extends to direct customer targeting opportunities, as well as highly targeted interest groups and geographies, and extensive retargeting from other channels; these are the typical ingredients of the campaigns we run.

  • Influencer outreach

    We identify digital influencers and then devise approaches for leveraging or engaging them, from simple following/ driving backlink approaches, to guest bloggers, to a direct paid relationship. The influencers we target, and the channels we approach them on, will vary according to the audience in question – influencers might be a tool for driving reach, SEO and or credibility.

  • Risk management

    Whether we are running community management on behalf of our clients, or they are running it themselves, as part of our processes we deliver social media guidelines, which cover off everything from brand to content planning, frequency/timing, tools, and, very importantly, response procedures. These include handling positive user engagement, as well as negative, with scenario definitions and escalation protocol defined. They also include crisis management requirements, should something serious occur, which are designed for rapid response activation.

  • Planning, process and reporting

    Social media planning is tightly integrated with content planning, and we define weekly and daily plans by channel, including all social channels. Our processes not only contribute to risk management, but also highly efficient communication and turn around times, aimed at reducing resource requirements whilst delivering best practice. We deliver regular reporting on social media marketing, with dashboards that communicate the value it is yielding, rather than a set of metrics not tied to business objectives.