Lead Customer Lifecycle Marketing Catalyst MDC

Lead nurture & customer lifecycle marketing

We develop contact or CRM strategies that map out the process, channels and content for converting leads and retaining customers. Where required, we extend this to the actual definition of detailed business rules to make this happen, using existing marketing automation infrastructure or recommending new, and actually help deliver the communications across multiple channels.

  • Business rules development

    Whilst the contact strategy may have been broadly mapped out, the next stage is to define in detail the business rules that are adaptive, embrace sequenced messaging, and deliver not only targeted content relevant to the user’s segment and history, but all the next best call to action for further engagement with the brand/product. Typically, this also involves some additional definition of content elements and prioritisation rules to ensure messaging can be truly dynamic, and more automated.

  • Marketing automation

    Many clients may have already deployed or are seeking to deploy marketing automation software, aimed at integrating with their overall CRM infrastructure and databases and intended to make targeted communications far more efficient. We often develop on business rules for ongoing nurture or customer communications that will fit within the frameworks of specific tools, and have worked across a variety, thus helping clients get greater value from their technical investment, and getting proper targeted communications off the ground.

  • Multichannel execution

    We encourage clients to leverage all potential CRM channels, including email, website personalisation, display advertising and social media advertising, and are experienced at deploying messaging across these channels from the same set of business rules. Whilst full data integration is not always possible, we find ways to take advantage of the targeting potential in each channel. This increases the clients’ opportunities to drive lead conversion or retention.

  • Value added content

    Closely integrated with the content strategy and also content marketing planning and activity, we help develop or recommend what content is required and should be deployed in communication with prospects and customers, to drive education and brand consideration, engagement and preference for both immediate sales and longer term return.

  • Planning, process and reporting

    Whilst topline planning takes place as part of the contact strategy and implementation planning, working in detail we also map out the specific data parsing requirements to enhance user profiles with behavioural and social data, content requirements for lead nurture or customer communications, and specific project plans for rolling messaging out to each new channel. This includes testing and optimisation in the initial channels before roll out, and also the use of proper statistical analysis (using control files) to establish the uplift delivered through personalised messaging.