Digital Marketing Channel Set Up Catalyst MDC

Setting up and optimising digital channels

Part of getting maximum value out of the digital ecosystem is setting up and integrating digital channels properly; there are multiple, detailed adjustments and settings that, if configured properly, and exponentially increase the value of your digital activity. We verify or calibrate all digital channel settings to follow best practice, enhance user experience and help deliver optimum performance.

  • Social channels

    With social media marketing becoming harder, and the quest of organic reach more elusive, we look at ensuring the brand presents as well and as effectively as it can through its basic set up and profile, utilising and optimising features that will help give competitive edge.

  • Content Networks

    Often confused with social channels, content networks, such as You Tube and SlideShare, present significant opportunities for ‘findability’ and enhanced SEO for relatively low effort. However, it is critical that they are established or optimised in a way that maximises their potential; often simple changes to settings or ongoing practice can increase their value several fold.

  • Google core ecosystem

    Google remains all powerful in digital marketing. It has a range of tools from adwords to webmaster to google+ to google analytics, and several more, not to mention its close integration with You Tube. Ironically, the user experience for setting the Google system up is poor, and it can be long-winded and confusing, but getting the channels and tools to work well and integrate with each other will yield dividends for a brand’s visibility (search engine optimisation or SEO).

  • Logins and domain names

    Huge amounts of time and effort can be wasted with poorly thought through login taxonomies or standardisation, not to mention significant security risks as staff and agencies come and go. We set up login registries and methodologies together with group accounts to allow for centralised management. Furthermore, domain name management often is not well documented – not just the foresight of purchasing relevant domain names, and ensuring best price, but maintenance and ease of accounting integration.