Digital analytics and reporting Catalyst MDC

Digital analytics and reporting

As part of our digital strategies, we deliver a measurement framework as part of implementation planning. As activity progresses, we can then refine that based on detailed planning, and set up reporting as a service. We define in detail the business objectives, the metrics against each of those objectives, the benchmarks, projections and targets for those metrics, the data sources for each, and the tracking and reporting requirements. We focus on providing a concise, meaningful evaluation of digital marketing’s contribution to the business, rather than a large amount of less relevant metrics.

  • Objectives, metrics and targets

    We define in detail for all activity the specific objectives and related relevant metrics, and project results across all paid, earned and owned activity, using benchmarks from previous activity or industry standards to derive targets and construct an up-front business case, for example checking the projected cost per response, cost per lead, cost per sale etc. against company experience and expectations of margin, or identifying whether a desired cost per sale is realistic.

  • Data sources and tracking

    We then identify the most practical data source for each metric and define any tracking requirements required to generate specific data, either implementing or assisting clients to implement the tracking themselves.

  • Reporting requirements and generation

    We then define the reports required, at different levels of summary and regularity through the client organisation, and generate the reports ongoing, by collating across web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or Omniture, front end digital advertising reports, social media insight reports, social media monitoring, email tools, CRM platforms and customer transactional databases. We do as much as we can to consolidate the majority of the reporting in one tool, such as google analytics, by configuring it to track as much as possible from these other sources, however there is always an element of collation required, and typically we use dashboard technology to pull the information into a cohesive whole.

  • Statistical testing

    Where relevant, we encourage clients to deploy control files as part of their activity, so that results can be tested for statistical significance. This can work well to evaluate email, website personalisation and even banner advertising.