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Digital advertising

Digital advertising is more often than not an important component of the digital strategies and channel strategies we develop, therefore for clients who need it, we also offer an implementation service, taking it from strategy, through planning to creative and media execution, and evaluation. Our emphasis is exploiting highly targeted opportunities, to minimise wastage and maximise return. We manage campaigns and advertising across all Google properties (including You Tube), social media channels and search engine marketing (SEM), and where it is part of a larger campaign, taking in networks and DSPs, we work with our media partner, Prophesy, to deliver.

  • Targeting and retargeting

    Thanks to digital advertising becoming more and more data driven and targeting levels increasing, we identify channels and tactics that allow us to hone in very precisely on an audience, and re also look to exploit the relatively new re-targeting opportunities, including search retargeting and retargeting via social media. Our attitude is not to see media exposure as purely campaign based and one off, but to get maximum value out of the initial advertising $ by delivering meaningful, ongoing, sequenced messaging through paid channels, to drive response, convert leads or keep customers loyal over time. In fact, we view digital advertising as a CRM channel.

  • Programmatic buying or real-time bidding

    As part of our data-driven and targeted approach, we often recommend programmatic buying or real time bidding as a far more efficient form of display advertising than traditional networks and buys deliver, as it delivers to the audience rather than the media property.

  • Social media advertising

    Some paid advertising is now central to most social media strategies, and as part of social media marketing implementation, we manage the paid components, using social media advertising to enhance social presence but more importantly to exploit its detailed targeting potential and (still) high response rates. It also forms part of CRM as we use social channels as another way to reach and retarget customers.

  • Keyword targeting

    Keyword targeting delivers the most relevance of all advertising, and the opportunities are not confined to Google Adwords but extend to retargeting in display and are also available in other channels, such as You Tube, where the competition for keywords is lower.

  • Paid content discovery or syndication

    Content discovery or syndication platforms offer a paid boost to content marketing in the way that social media advertising helps boost elements of social media marketing. Again, the relevance to audience achieved through these platforms still drives high response rates, and we often recommend them for clients who are looking to get maximum value out of content creation.

  • Creative development

    For clients looking for an end-to-end digital advertising solution, we also develop the creative components, from concept to graphical or copy assets, to pre-roll video production if required, to landing page design and execution.

  • Reporting

    Results from digital advertising are typically projected as part of the measurement framework in our digital strategies, and actual results are collated as part of the ongoing reporting dashboards we generate.