Content marketing

As well as delivering content marketing strategies, we also do content creation for clients who need to contract out production. Our approach is based on producing and re-purposing optimised content in multiple formats, for maximum engagement, SEO benefit and return, whilst keeping costs down, and integrating fully with the social media strategy and marketing.

  • Blogs

    Blogs are a backbone of content, providing the opportunity for high impact keyword use, proliferation of pages, and backlinks, all of which are key drivers of SEO. They also drive engagement and datacapture (lead generation) and are central to any lead nurture or ongoing CRM program. We are skilled at identifying opportunities and topics, relevant to both brand and audience, generating blogs from other content formats, writing optimally for Google (keywords and length) and turning blogs around fast.

  • Video and motion graphics

    Video is critical as a high engagement medium and given the bias towards it in social channels. It is now possible to produce quality video at increasingly lower costs, and we keep costs down through using high quality sound recording, in house VO’s, and using motion graphics as entire videos or as supplements to footage. We also produce pre-roll ads, some of which have then been rolled out on TV. Creating simple slideshow videos, whilst very economic and easy, is a great way also of driving engagement. We repurpose existing material where we can, and pride ourselves on fast turnaround on anything new we shoot. Importantly, we produce everything with mobile, social channel and pre-roll compatibility in mind, and ensure that the client gets maximum value from You Tube exposure, without giving up the SEO benefits to You Tube. Check out examples of video we’ve created on sharp budgets and in rapid time frames here.

  • Audio

    An area that can get forgotten is audio; we look to get every interview as an audio file, which drives more engagement, and we extend the value from a video by creating a longer, audio version for people looking for a more in depth look, or by creating a radio ad off the back of a video ad. Podcasts are excellent formats for some audiences/content areas, and with the benefits of high quality new recording equipment and software, working locally and virtually, are very easy to produce.

  • Graphics

    As part of extending the value of every item of content, we adapt our motion graphics to still infographics or vice versa, to ensure we have the same piece in both formats, and we develop versions of all our graphics that are compliant to, and designed to drive maximum impact in social media channels. We also set up the socially compliant graphics during website builds or optimisation, to ensure when a page is shared, the image is pre-optimised. We go as far as setting up graphic libraries for clients, as default content for social media, to get economies of scale, including sourcing icons and other images economically.

  • Planning, process and reporting

    We put significant emphasis in our content strategies on content planning, content curation, resourcing and evaluation, and where we produce content for clients, apply our standard processes for efficient content production and delivery and distribution,  including detailed content calendars, repurposing and rapid turn around process, content generation software, any required approval workflows (which we set up online) and tracking and reporting. We optimise by identifying the content most consumed, and also most shared, and decide on an optimum balance moving forward.