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Beyond digital marketing

Just as we develop go beyond digital strategy to develop  marcomms strategies for some clients, so too do we extend implementation to offline channels where a client is looking for an integrated service. Our through the line experience comes from our pre-digital careers in advertising, media and direct marketing, as well as far more recently the opportunities we had as clients to develop and manage full campaigns.

  • Direct marketing

    A lot of the digital work we execute is data-driven and CRM based. Traditional direct marketing is highly complimentary in this context, and we often extend the targeted messaging to direct mail, for both campaigns, appeals and ongoing communications, managing the strategy, segmentation, data, creative development, fulfilment and evaluation.

  • TVCs

    Several of the video ads we have developed for use in pre-roll online have subsequently been rolled out on television also. We have also been responsible for the development of TVCs primarily or only shown on TV, as part of clients’ general marcomms strategies.

  • Radio

    Similarly, we have adapted many of the TVCs we have created into radio ads, managing the concept, talent, production and dispatch.

  • Print

    We have extended several of the campaigns we’ve developed into recent years into print, and developed ad hoc, bespoke pieces for specific publications as well as more general distribution.

  • Promotional material

    For many of the campaigns we manage, there is a requirement for the development of promotional material, and we have handled the design, sourcing, online sales and fulfilment for clients such as charities and political parties.