Implementing best practice digital marketing

Whilst competitive digital marketing is lead by good digital strategy, if often falls down in execution due to lack of attention to detail – even the basics being done poorly. It is typically the areas that are less visible – the mundane points of set up, the fine tweaks and amends in ongoing optimisation, the digital 101  – that make the biggest difference to ROI, where a simple, minor setting can have a massive impact on the bottom line. Our implementation services, therefore, are focused on getting it right.

We know that it is essential to build on solid foundations, therefore we ensure that due diligence is done in channel set up and channel integration from the get go – across and between all digital channels. This is as central to social media and paid digital channels as it is to website build. In the many cases where we are dealing with existing websites, we find there is often huge scope for dramatic improvement through website and landing page optimisation.

A large amount of what we do leads back to search, as the most powerful digital driver; search engine optimisation or SEO is not an isolated area but permeates all digital activity. Most obviously, it is central to content or inbound marketing, which in turn is driven by the keyword research we do as part of search engine marketing (SEM) which uncovers the relative salience of size of opportunity for different content areas for a given audience.

Social media marketing is also a precise science and clearly no longer a matter of chancing it to viral; we deliver community management based on the (ever-evolving) rules of best practice, and social campaign management integrating not only highly targeted paid advertising, but CRM, as social CRM becomes a growing part of lead or customer lifecycle marketing. We also develop influencer outreach or digital PR activity, as a critical contributor to driving reach, credibility and (again) SEO.

Just as social media marketing has become more data driven, so has digital advertising, and we emphasise the proper detailed implementation of targeting and retargeting in paid advertising, across SEM or PPC, social media and display (including real time bidding or programmatic buying).

Analytics for digital marketing should also be meticulous; we work not only on identifying the correct benchmarks, targets and metrics as part of the measurement framework, but also on setting up the required tracking, and developing practical dashboards and reports to deliver simple, impactful business information.


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