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Innovative fundraising strategies for NFPs including case studies Scott Neeson’s CCF, ThankYou and Watsi

The term ‘innovation’ seems to encapsulate the thinking of the 21st century. With such drastic advancement in digital technologies over the past decade, a new era of globalisation and interconnection is upon us, and with it, the attitude that creative innovation is not only possible for every organisation, but absolutely essential if it wants to […]


Scott Neeson of CCF and the business-minded leaders innovating the NFP sector

  In 2013, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta suggested that the way we think about not-for-profit organisations is wrong. “For 40 years the not-for-profit sector has not been able to wrestle any money away from the for-profit sector,” he said. “Financial incentive has been exiled from the realm of charity so that it can thrive […]


Helping People Help themselves: Scott Neeson’s CCF innovating the NFP model

Among the thousands of charities appealing for support it can be difficult to determine where our donations are best placed. From the outside, many charities look the same; impoverished children and their families need sponsorship for immediate aid, healthcare and the education that (many claim) will break them out of a cycle of poverty. When […]

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