Digital marketing experience

We started in digital marketing at its inception, at a time when Netscape was the most common browser, and Alta Vista the favourite search engine. This means we’ve seen it all, know the problems and pitfalls well, and remain unflappable in a crisis. This does not make us old school; we are seasoned players, but still agile, and with a track record of pushing boundaries. Digital marketing continues to innovate but we are pragmatic; our experience across services helps us contextualise the changes and ensure digital strategy integrates with a client’s business. It keeps our eye on the ROI, not the gimic. We also had pre-digital careers in marketing, so we ‘get it’ when it comes to the broader communications perspective.

  • Multi-channel

    We have significant expertise in channels other than digital, from our previous careers spanning media, advertising, direct/data-driven marketing as well as from our recent roles as clients ourselves, running fully integrated campaigns.

  • Cross-industry

    We have worked extensively in financial services, both high-end and mainstream consumer, and across a range of industries including real-estate, FMCG, publishing, pharmaceutical & healthcare, loyalty, telecommunications, IT, business services, as well as the education, political party, government and not for profit sectors.

  • Different audiences

    We have expertise in both business to consumer (B2C) – from mass audience to high net worths –  but also specialise in business to business (B2B) – an audience that can be poorly serviced or communicated with digitally, where good digital marketing often delivers high yields.

  • Bluechip and SME

    A great deal of our work has been on major brands, both Australian and multi-national, however we specialise in small to medium sized enterprises (SME) with more modest budgets. For them, we represent top digital talent at an affordable price.

  • Working as clients

    We have worked as clients ourselves, which means we understand the skill set required and are experienced at managing multi-channel communications and multiple suppliers; we therefore appreciate the challenges clients face, both internal and external – and the need to do much with little.

  • Working at agencies

    We have have held senior roles in big agencies, and have also had the experience of running agencies.This has given us considerable know how when it comes to process, but also insight in terms of how to provide support to agencies as consultants, and how to work with the agencies already chosen by clients.

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