Why us for digital marketing

Pragmatic approach

Many of our clients know that their digital marketing is not delivering or feel out of their depth or are under pressure to deliver results. At the same time, they are typically resource constrained and time poor. They turn to us for:

  • Plain speaking: digital marketing can be bewildering; you can rely on us to make it clear and be completely open about what needs to get done
  • Increased yield: our focus is on delivering maximum return from your digital efforts against your specific business objectives within realistic bounds
  • Taking it to the next level: whether need to get the basics right, or  to develop sophisticated lead nurture or influencer outreach, we will map it out for you.

Different model

To make enterprise-grade digital marketing available to small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) as well as Not for Profits (NFPs), Catalyst MDC operates a largely virtual team of digital freelancers. This has significant advantages over a traditional agency model:

  • Lower costs: you are not paying for offices or layers of management infrastructure or even manual labour where automation can deliver the result
  • Access to senior talent: you get more time from the experienced strategists and practitioners as they are more affordable
  • Unbiased recommendations: you receive best advice rather than a solution that suits the skill set of available resource

Watch the video below to hear what our clients like about us or read our Testimonials.