We get it

We focus on the objectives and realities of your business. Good digital strategy is more than the sum of its parts; it’s about how the entire ecosystem works together. We deliver holistic, integrated recommendations based on what you need, not what we want to sell.

We get it right

The devil is in the detail for digital marketing success; proper set-up and optimisation can make massive differences to the bottom line. We care about these intricacies as much as the big picture to ensure you get maximum return from every dollar – fast.

We get it going

Driving good digital practice is hard. We deliver prioritised, detailed plans, based on what is realistic for you, implement process to make you more agile, provide training for staff, offer “hand holding” early on & can even find the right, digitally-skilled people for you to hire.

  • Good digital strategy poorly executed gets you nowhere...

    …but brilliant execution can be copied, great strategy less so….

However, there is no substitute for evaluating the quality of our team and our experience. Or our ability to be collaborative; we work with agencies both directly and indirectly through clients.

How to select the right digital partner or agency

There are many useful guides to choosing a marketing agency; processes, checklists and score cards abound using criteria – such as Australia’s leading expert Darren Woolley’s 4 C’s – Chemistry, Capabilities, Creativity, Commercials – considerations being category or B2B vs B2C expertise, skills, market experience, conflicts etc. However many of these are more relevant for evaluating a generic rather than a digital agency, and focus on the agency’s attributes rather than client needs. Even Avi Dan’s seminal piece in Adage a few years back importantly stressed ‘cultural alignment’ but didn’t mention the task in hand. Chuck Frey gets closer to it for digital (or in this case content marketing) agencies by citing the ‘do they practice what they preach? test’. Refreshingly the Business Marketing Institute comes at it much more from the client’s perspective, looking at what your budget is, what you need to do, and what % of revenue you’d represent. We’ve been chosen as a digital partner, worked with agencies, and, as freelance consultants, even helped clients select digital suppliers. So we’d like to throw in our own checklist as to what to look for when it comes to choosing a digital marketing partner, and why you might consider us:

Our principles

  • Always on

    customers are looking for businesses 24/7 365 – companies need to be ready for them, across all digital channels, all the time – not just during campaigns

  • Data driven

    digital marketing is a science; more and more of what clients do should be driven by the wealth of behavioural, transactional and social data they have access to

  • Business focused

    it’s not so much about marketing and more about business objectives, the bottom line & what digital strategy will drive that

  • Accessible

    there is no reason why small to medium-sized enterprises cannot conduct high quality digital marketing, now that new software and tools have radically reduced costs

Our attributes

  • Agile

    we can move at great speed; we have processes to allow rapid turn around to capitalise on immediate digital opportunities

  • Pragmatic

    our recommendations are based on driving maximum ROI from digital on a day to day basis – & on what is realistic

  • Holistic

    campaigns & creative ideas are only one piece of the digital pie – we understand how all the pieces work together

  • Neutral

    we have no vested interest in any form of production – we recommend the best solution – not what fits our business model

Nic Chamberlain

“If you want more than creative campaigns and awards but rather digital marketing that seriously drives business, look no further.”

Nic ChamberlainManaging DirectorNeoteny
Paul Worboys

“Bill has the ability to envisage smart ideas, harness them for everyday life, and bring a vision to reality – and to market.”

Paul WorboysCOOGrey Group Australia
Simon Morgan

“Camilla has outstanding talent in strategic data-driven digital marketing and brings to any team a willingness to go the extra mile.”

Simon MorganGM/Country ManagerICLP, MAICD

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